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Out: Dec. 10th 2011 minisite
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This Is Not Your Shape is the first full album of new material from Cultural Amnesia for 28 years. Seven of the nine tracks are released for the first time here. The accompanying designed booklet, Verbose Logging, contains the lyrics of almost all the songs recorded by CA since they resumed activity in the late 90s. The video for 'Contains' is the first official video from the band ever.
Cultural Amnesia were first active 1980–1983. They released three cassette albums and appeared on some of the better-known cassette compilations. They had a notable associate in the young Geoff Rushton, soon to change his name to John Balance. He wrote songs for them and acted as their manager (one of the songs on This Is Not Your Shape is dedicated to him). After 1983 nothing more was heard from CA. A contracted vinyl album failed to appear. But in 1998 the three members of the band recorded some new material, and in 2003 a website was launched. Since then they have been recording more new material and have released two well-received collections of their 80s recordings and a few of their new tracks. We hope you enjoy the contemporary sound of these intriguing survivors from the heyday of UK postpunk.


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This Is Not Your Shape (2011)

01. Bone Chapel
02. Product Chunk
03. (Let's All Help Solve) Gary's Problem
04. Speak The Wet Language
05. Dummyface
06. During Their Fit
07. The Product Chunk Funk
08. Seasong (For Geoff Rushton)
09. Waiting For The End

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